For more than two centuries, sandstone has been the buildingblock of Australian architecture. Amongst many other construction materials, it is the most beloved one as it helps create beautiful facades in creamy rose and golden hues as well as having the strength and durability, which outlast other building materials. Even though sandstone requires some maintenance – it is most likely to rising or falling damp or drainage problems. Sandstone will remain to hold great allure for its appeal and quality as long as it is properly looked after.

Throughout Australia, sandstone works as the foundation of many heritage villas and cottages as well as contemporary houses. Sandstone is recognized for its natural strength, durability, load-bearing ability, and slip-resistant nature. The fact that it is incredibly resilient, sandstone confronts the harsh Australian climate and is one of the very few building products that increase both in value and aesthetic appeal over time. Additionally, sandstone is a good insulator to keep homes cool in summer and warm in winter.

 The rustic and neutral shades of natural sandstone help release warmth in cold weather and remain cool during warm sunny days.

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Sandstone has quite a history of being employed by a number of ancient civilizations as a fundamental construction material. There are many benefits of sandstone as a structural staple, which means it is moresignificantly advantageous in certain regards compared to concrete and other popular construction materials. As exterior wall treatment, sandstone can be an attractive and sturdier option in comparison to other common siding materials.Sandstone is a great choice for the construction of natural looking stylish and fashionable retaining walls. As exterior wall treatment, sandstone can be a charming and sturdier alternative in contrast to other popular cladding materials. Sandstone walls will last longer than most other parts of your house. In essence, sandstone’s durability is relatively hard. It is made up of durable materials that will outlast most other home siding materials, assuming that they are properly maintained and not consistently exposed to extreme conditions. Although sandstone is relatively soft compared to other types of stone, over a long period of time, under the effects of weather–it will erode. Eventually, it may chip or crack. Sandstone, by nature, is an occurring stone made up of fine grains of minerals like quartz or feldspar combined together in a pattern of calcite or other minerals. Natural sandstone colors are either red or brown, but sandstone can also be green, white or other colors depending on its mineral content.  It is not only about the captivating shades,but sandstone is also versatile in terms of applications. From wall cladding to paving, sandstone can be adopted into almost all sorts of landscape designing as well as commercial and residential construction designs. In short, sandstone can be deemed a long-lasting, versatile and low-maintenance stone that is applicable for exterior and interior designing projects–even with budget constraints, where it would not be necessary to compromise on the factors of aesthetic and durability of the stone.

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