Sandstone is also deemed a premium quality natural stone, that is naturally formed by a sedimentary rock with a rich and elegant quality that blends into any landscape. It is highly versatile and can be used for a variety of purposes, both indoor and outdoors. The stone is entirely natural, unprocessed and untreated with any artificial chemical. You may want to use sandstone to introduce the colours of the seaside, rivers and earth to your home. There is nothing more natural than the colours of sandstone that harmonise with water features such as pools and fountains. There is a wide variation in sandstone quality, which is commonly reflected in the cost. Little maintenance is required for sandstone–hence, its high durability. It is worth noting that sandstone ages very slowly and will tend to preserve its appearance many decades later. Sandstone is a mainstream choice of paving, tiling, or caddlling due to its unique blend of colours, as well as its lavish and natural appeal.

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Sandstone cladding on walls are commonly applied for decorative purposes and are such a delight for architects and homeowners who wish to provide the representation of the stone.  Its applications vary from retaining walls to feature walls to fireplace surrounds and water features. Sandstone cladding is used where the feel of natural stone is required without the bulk and the weight of solid blocks. When thinking about sandstone tiles, you may start with the idea of sandstone cladding on walls. Wall cladding can also be pulled of by using specialized sandstone cladding that is similar to sandstone bricks. In essence, sandstone cladding is a thin layer of stone or a simulated stone implemented in a building or other structure made of non-stone materials or to cover up an imperfect brick wall. Sandstone cladding is also sometimes applied in concrete and steel buildings as part of their architectural design. Cladding is also frequently referred to as a lightweight simulated stone product with the base of concrete. These stone cladding products are often fitted to lightweight substrates to reduce the material cost of construction. This type of cheap cladding does not give the preferred appearance that natural stone cladding gives, particularly if you decide on sandstone cladding, you will be able to feel the difference as well. One of the ways of adding that “sandstone” look, is by using a lightweight substrate that would be made typically of a timber-built stud framework, a rainproof barrier, then a fiber cement sheet, expanded metal mesh and a mortar scratch coat. A mortar mix can then function to adhere the sandstone cladding to the wall. This is a typical example of the application of stone cladding in Australia.

Stone cladding are not only applied in sandstones but also in most other types of stone like slate, bluestone, etc. No matter what your choice is,  whether you are going for the genuine stuff or the non-artificial manufactured synthetic products, it is always best to serve the purposes of looking aesthetics and superior.

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