Stairways are construction elements that bridge the communication between two spaces located at different heights. Staircases are a vital design element in multi-floor buildings, but they can also be a fascinating aesthetic addition The basic components of a staircase are the tread, the horizontal surface we walk on; the riser, the vertical part between each tread; and the stringer, a structural support that holds the treads in place and provides stability. What we call a step is actually a combination of a tread and a riser or one step up or down from our previous position. In some cases, such as open stairs, the riser is missing and we can see through the stairs. While all stairways have more or less the same role, that is to connect space established on different levels–each one of them has its own uniqueness. Stairways act more than merely connecting levels in your home; their visual appearance is a statement of architecture. Factors that make a particular stairway stand out from all the others include its size, shape, the materials it is made up from, and its placement. Since stairways are a fundamental part of a home’s design and layout, it is considered as a focal point for the residence.

If you are all about that rustic and authentic look  for your stairways, then you might want to consider using sandstone for a natural ambiance. In fact, sandstone has been applicable for a variety of home applications since ancient times. This is because it is highly durable and easy to work with. In addition, sandstone has some striking artistic features.  The large variety of colors and styles allows a nice selection of alternatives to fit your designing needs. Today sandstone is regarded as the new pioneer stone for both indoor and outdoor applications–many decorators and landscapers advise using sandstone over other materials. When it comes to landscaping, sandstone is the top choice. Many experts think that sandstone the ideal material for designing the perfect outdoor living space. Aside from its high durability, sandstone is famous for its charming and seamless natural look. Sandstone is also versatile that it makes it easy to design the exterior or interior décor of your dreams. Not only is sandstone aesthetically appliable for the home but it is widely adopted into offices, schools, gardens and public places.

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Sandstone can be a winning and resolute option in contrast to other common siding materials. Sandstone is a magnificent choice for the construction of natural-looking yet stylish and fashionable retaining walls, which you cannot get the natural look of sandstone from any other building material. A dense and notably durable variety of classic sedimentary rock composed of quartz or feldspar; sandstone is also referred to as arenite and is very abundant and simply available.  Whether the sandstone serves a purpose for the front gate of a homestead or sandstone for the entrance of a family home, sandstone blocks create such an appealing and modern choice for entranceways. Sandstone has that natural beauty that only enhances with age and by its real nature, is sturdy and enduring.

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