There are many different options when thinking about building yourself a beautiful set of stone steps. You can choose to use more solid stone which may be a little muddy or irregular, or you can choose some beautiful and flat stones that may be available in the area or are shipped from areas where they are more readily available. The stone must marry well with the surrounding landscape where the surrounding landscape must match your personal tastes and your home.

Once you have selected the desired stone to plan and design your staircase. Keep in mind that the stairs must be safe and easy to climb and get off, even for the child or the elderly. The rule is usually about 8 inches in height and 12 inches in operating. And 14 to 16 “of jogging as we build one solid stone per step.
With TR Stonemason we provide you a safe stone staircase to climb and get off and ensure you build good safety content and good scenery.